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Crack­down is per­fect for mul­ti­player may­hem, and with Wreck­ing Zone tak­ing full ad­van­tage of Mi­crosoft’s Azure cloud tech­nol­ogy to min­imise lag, it should be a blast. More­over, this should point the way for other mul­ti­player games to go! The art style of the se­ries has al­ways had a unique flair and the third out­ing is noth­ing short of stun­ning. I love the way the game mixes up the

Tron- es­que neon vibe, tak­ing that clean aes­thetic and ad­ding some real world grit. It’ll be jaw-drop­ping in 4K! It’s hap­pen­ing! Don’t panic. It’s ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing. I’ve got my fin­gers crossed it’s just as epic as they prom­ise it will be. Af­ter such a long wait, in­stead of get­ting

Crack­down I may have a break­down, if they don’t de­liver. They will, won’t they?

Chris Burke

War­ren Brown

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