Cus­tom Line built its first Navetta 33, Telli, for Al­berto Galassi, CEO of the Fer­retti Group.

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The Cus­tom Line Navetta 33 has al­ready gained an in­ter­na­tional fol­low­ing, but Hull No. 1 went to the Fer­retti Group’s CEO.

The name of the Galas­sis’ Cus­tom Line Navetta 33, Telli, stems from fratelli, the plu­ral of brother.

Group CEO Al­berto Galassi. His old­est is a trail­er­a­ble Rudy, no­table for be­ing one of the ear­li­est fiber­glass Riva mod­els. Galassi’s fa­ther bought her in the mid1970s, pri­mar­ily so he could take the fam­ily wa­ter skiing. Today, Galassi keeps her with a big sis­ter, a Riva Aquarama Su­per, on Italy’s Lago Iseo, the same lake on which Riva was es­tab­lished in 1842. Galassi also has an Itama 62, which he keeps at Capri, a jewel of an is­land be­tween the Gulf of Naples and the Tyrrhe­nian Sea. ¶ The Galas­sis en­tered large- yacht own­er­ship with a suc­ces­sion of San­loren­zos, in­clud­ing a 2001 SL82, Telli Blu, and a 2005 SL88, Telli Too. The cou­ple then mi­grated to the Fer­retti Group. Their first Cus­tom Line was the Navetta 33 Crescendo Telli’s in 2014. Through­out all own­er­ship, they have re­tained the same cap­tain, Marco Rev­ello. ¶ The 108-foot Cus­tom Line Navetta 33, the Galas­sis’ new­est de­liv­ery in 2017, evolved from two pre­vi­ous mod­els with the same des­ig­na­tion. Cus­tom Line says her bul­bous-bow, semidis­place­ment hull

form is new, and the model is on track to be even more pop­u­lar than its pre­de­ces­sors. Eight of the old Navetta 33 were built, and a dozen more of the Navetta 33 Crescendo fol­lowed; prior to the new yacht’s show­ing at the 2017 Cannes Yacht­ing Fes­ti­val, Cus­tom Line had al­ready sold six to own­ers all over the world. The first went to the Galas­sis in Italy, the sec­ond to a Le­banese owner, and the third is bound for an Amer­i­can who plans to keep her in Florida. Hull No. 4 is off to a Brazil­ian buyer, No. 5 to another Euro­pean and No. 6 to Hong Kong. ¶ Why does this de­sign have such univer­sal ap­peal? Take a look at her pale-cream pro­file. I chal­lenge any­one to point to a better-balanced pro­duc­tion trideck. She’s time­less, but not dainty. She’s solid and ar­chi­tec­tural, even. Credit for the ex­te­rior and gen­eral ar­range­ment goes to Zuc­con In­ter­na­tional Project in Rome, which has been re­spon­si­ble for ev­ery Cus­tom Line launched. Bernardo Zuc­con says one of his stu­dio’s key­words is abitare, which trans­lates to “live.” ¶ “Boats are not ob­jects,” he says. “They are spa­ces for peo­ple. Our job is to find better so­lu­tions for them. And the own­ers of Navet­tas tend to spend com­par­a­tively more time aboard their yachts, so liv­abil­ity is even more im­por­tant.” ¶ One way the firm seeks to en­rich life aboard is by con­nect­ing in­door and out­door spa­ces. “Wher­ever pos­si­ble,” Zuc­con says, “we try to break down bar­ri­ers, phys­i­cally and vis­ually.” ¶ The new Navetta 33 de­liv­ers on that prom­ise. Both the main deck aft and the up­per deck aft feel like they have a grav­i­ta­tional pull from the in­door spa­ces. They lure you out and then on­ward to all the other open ar­eas: the fly­bridge, the fore­deck ter­race (which I par­tic­u­larly loved with its Bi­mini top de­ployed for sun pro­tec­tion) and the dual-mode tran­som beach club, which si­mul­ta­ne­ously lifts the garage door while a plat­form sub­merges for ten­der launch and re­trieval. Its lower sec­tion acts as a lift and swim plat­form too. ¶ The rest of Telli’s gen­eral ar­range­ment is con­ven­tional enough for a trideck of her pro­por­tions, but with more than the usual amount of nat­u­ral light, fresh air and per­cep­tion of vol­ume. Lots of her win­dows ac­tu­ally open, which is un­usual. ¶ The main deck has an open-plan lounge and din­ing area, a gal­ley to port, and a lobby and day-head to star­board. The full-beam own­ers’ state­room is for­ward. Up one level, the bridge oc­cu­pies half the up­per deck with a cap­tain’s cabin and pantry, and the af­ter part of the up­per deck is all sky lounge. Be­lowdecks are four more state­rooms for as many as nine guests: three trans­verse dou­bles and a twin-berth setup with a Pull­man. For­ward quar­ters can take four crew, who have a mess in ad­di­tion to their cab­ins. ¶ Cus­tom Line in­te­ri­ors, done by the Fer­retti Group’s in-house de­sign team, are al­ways oh-so-chic, and Telli’s is no ex­cep­tion. Warm wal­nut con­trasts with cool, whiteoak soles. Stand-alone fur­ni­ture is by Minotti and Paola Lenti, and de­liv­ers as much of a wow fac­tor as it does a com­fort quo­tient. Plus, Telli’s dé­cor is es­pe­cially vi­brant. It in­cludes strik­ing con­tem­po­rary art with an eclec­tic, at­ten­tion-grab­bing mix of vi­brant paint­ings, sculp­tures and em­broi­dery. The artists in­clude Mimmo Pal­adino, Alighiero Boetti and Mimmo Rotella. ¶ The builder says Telli is built for quiet cruis­ing, with noise- and vi­bra­tion sup­pres­sion sys­tems on board. Propul­sion-wise, Telli has the Navetta 33’s stan­dard twin 1,400 hp MAN V-12s, which are rated for 3,000 hours and can be

spec­i­fied with EPA Tier 3 ap­proval. They de­liver a top speed around 15 knots and a range of more than 1,500 nau­ti­cal miles at a 12-knot cruise. That range is 1,900 nau­ti­cal miles at a more re­laxed 10 knots. ¶ Navetta 33 own­ers also can choose twin 1,650 hp MAN V-12s, which are rated for 1,000 hours, or 1,622 hp Cater­pil­lar C32s rated for 3,000 hours. The builder says the op­tional power plants bump up max­i­mum speeds to 15 or 16 knots, re­spec­tively, but Navetta own­ers aren’t usu­ally in that much of a hurry. All of the first six 33s sold have been or­dered with the least-pow­er­ful MANs. ¶ Telli also checks off the sta­bi­lizer box — twice. Not only does she sport a pair of ABT-Trac fin sta­bi­liz­ers, but she also has twin Sea­keeper NG16 gryosta­bi­liz­ers. Galassi has long been a cham­pion of the tech­nol­ogy; at a press con­fer­ence a cou­ple of years ago, he de­clared that dur­ing the past decade, no other tech­nol­ogy has had such a pos­i­tive im­pact on mo­to­ry­acht sales. ¶ Fol­low­ing her launch this past June, Telli cruised from An­cona, on Italy’s east coast, around the nation’s boot heel and up to Cagliari on Sar­dinia be­fore strik­ing out for Ibiza in Spain’s Balearic Is­lands. That’s where the Fer­retti Group staged its in­vi­ta­tion-only Mid­sum­mer Dream show­case in late July. The Galassi fam­ily then en­joyed their new yacht dur­ing their an­nual two-week Au­gust va­ca­tion, cruis­ing to Mal­lorca and Menorca in the Balearics be­fore head­ing to the Côte d’Azur and St. Tropez. From there, it was off to the Cannes Yacht­ing Fes­ti­val in Septem­ber for Hull No. 1’s world pre­miere. ¶ Telli’s home port is La Spezia on Italy’s west coast, adding yet another yacht­ing des­ti­na­tion to the Galas­sis’ op­tions for the com­ing sum­mer.

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