These 15 ten­ders are ready to run off­shore for big game, or in­shore for fam­ily fun. Some can get you there at 50 to 70 knots.

there is a place where time stands still. It’s a place where so­cial sta­tus up­dates don’t change with the sec­ond hand on a clock and where the smart­phone goes away al­to­gether. It’s where you trade your de­vices for a rod, a reel, some line, a hook and the won­der­ful sim­plic­ity that comes with it all. You hear wa­ter lap­ping against a hull. You see birds. If you’re lucky, a screaming drag dis­rupts the sub­lime scene, bring­ing with it the fish of a life­time. That’s when you reach for the smart­phone, so you can share the pic­ture later. Here are 15 fish­ing ten­ders ready to take you to that place.

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