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Most of the wharfs we vis­ited of­fered mea­ger elec­tri­cal hookups, typ­i­cally be­tween 8 and 16 amps at 240 volts (1,920 to 3,840 watts). This short­age could have been chal­leng­ing, if not for the setup on board Nikita. She has a 2,000 am­phour lithium iron phos­phate bat­tery bank and a 16 kW power-shar­ing Vic­tron in­verter/ charger sys­tem. Ba­si­cally, the en­tire ves­sel, in­clud­ing air con­di­tion­ing and the gal­ley stove, can op­er­ate from the sys­tem. There are other ben­e­fits too: After 19 hours of quiet ship time, with no shore power or gen­er­a­tor op­er­a­tion, Nikita’s bat­tery bank was still at 50 per­cent. Un­like con­ven­tional bat­ter­ies, these bat­ter­ies can be de­pleted to 20 per­cent, and less-than-com­plete recharges don’t harm the bat­ter­ies. Us­ing her twin 400-amp al­ter­na­tors, Nikita recharged the 50 per­cent bat­ter­ies back to full while un­der­way in just three hours.

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