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They are 40-plus-knot per­for­mance de­liv­ered with rooster-tail os­ten­ta­tion. They’re for blast­ing over to the best spot for lunch ahead of the pack. For go­ing a bit far­ther, faster, to reach the best div­ing. For be­ing the last yacht to leave the bay on a Sunday evening and still get­ting back to the dock first. ¶ And the Ital­ian builder’s 9x is pure Pershing. A pair of 2,638 hp 16V 2000 M96L MTUs hooked up to Top Sys­tem sur­face drives de­liver mas­sive punch and a plume that can top 30 feet. Pershing says the max­i­mum speed for this 92-footer is 42 knots, al­though dur­ing our test off La Spezia, Italy, we man­aged a knot more at some­thing ap­proach­ing half-load: 11 peo­ple, onethird fuel, one-half fresh wa­ter, and empty black and gray tanks, but a full garage. Con­di­tions were close to per­fect, with still air and flat-calm seas that we couldn’t wait to tear up. The only im­per­fec­tion was an out­side air tem­per­a­ture of 52 de­grees Fahren­heit, which, with a back­drop of snow-capped Apen­nine Moun­tains, prob­a­bly seemed more brisk than our re­al­ity. Cer­tainly if you were out­side when she was wound up, you no­ticed the wind chill, but thank­fully her in­te­rior was a con­stant 66 de­grees F, so I can vouch for the heat­ing sys­tem, al­though I would rather not make a habit of it. I’m Bri­tish and pre­fer yacht­ing weather to be like my tea: hot. ¶ Han­dling is as fun as I can imag­ine with 165,000 pounds or so of yacht. She feels ev­ery bit as pre­cise as smaller

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