Electric, jet-powered boards now come in various shapes and sizes for riders of all experience levels.

- By kim kavin

hey really couldn’t haveplanne­ditanybett­er. Just as the world is learning to live with the COVID-19 pandemic—including flocking to single-person watersport­s such as kayaking and paddleboar­ding— several manufactur­ers of fully electric, jet-powered boards are releasing new models that elevate the water-toy category for riders of all kinds. ¶ Sweden-based Radinn, which has been

Tbuilding boards since 2015, has three lines of boards with different shapes and features for riders of varying abilities. Explore boards (starting at $6,550) are for beginners, while Freeride models (base price $7,750) offer an intermedia­te combinatio­n of stability and agility. The Carve line ($8,950 to start) is for experience­d riders who really want to lean into turns and more. ¶ And if none of those options sound ideal, competing companies offer yet

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