Our editor reflects on the return of boat-show season and what seems like an infinite number of new launches across the yachting spectrum.

- patrick sciacca Editor-in-Chief patrick.sciacca@yachtingma­gazine.com

The 89-foot yacht's renderings show an intriguing 398 square-foot master

stateroom in the bow with a 200-degree view of the ocean.

As a yachting enthusiast, i missed hitting this past year’s global boat-show circuit, which starts in September and runs into the spring. The virtual events we held—and other events we participat­ed in—during the height of the pandemic helped get the word out about the latest and greatest in all things marine. But the face time with fellow yachtsmen, and getting to see, feel and touch the new models and gear, just wasn’t there. I missed seeing that one yacht that makes my heart race a bit. The one vessel that starts hours of interestin­g chats with friends and family. The one boat that fills my smartphone photo album and gets me thinking that maybe it’s the yacht going into my slip next season. ¶ Typically, over the course of six or so months, countless boat and yacht models, gear, electronic­s, and accessorie­s are unleashed to the public, satiating the need for the new. And starting in Cannes, France, this month, boat-show season should be back in full swing. ¶ Yachting’s staff is happily going on the road for the next half year to bring you all that is new in the yachting world. Based on the pace of informatio­n hitting my inbox, there is going to be plenty to see, feel, touch and, of course, tell you all about. ¶ Here are just a few recent bits we’ve heard about. ¶ The Pershing 6X—the latest in the builder’s five-model X series—is slated to debut this month. The builder says that with twin 1,550 hp MANs, this 62-footer should make 48 knots. We’re planning to run the boat in Cannes, and we’ll let you know how it does. ¶ The Wally Why200 is also slated to debut overseas. The nearly 89-foot yacht’s renderings show an intriguing 398-square-foot master stateroom in the bow with a 200-degree view of the ocean. We will be going in for a deep dive on this yacht, for sure. ¶ Otam Yachts will launch its one-off 70HT, which can reportedly hit 53-plus knots. ¶ Azimut Yachts is launching several new models this fall, including the Grande Trideck, Magellano 66 and 53 Fly. ¶ Much more is coming from builders such as Princess Yachts, Viking Yachts, Riviera, Benetti, Grand Banks, Palm Beach, Maritimo, Galeon Yachts, Aquila Boats, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, Hinckley, and so many beyond what this page can accommodat­e. ¶ The return of boat-show season is here, and it’s a time filled with promise. There are so many new yachts and so much new gear that there will be something for everyone. On with the show.

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