Looking to exercise and check out sea life at the same time? Le StandUp, an acrylic-glass standup paddleboar­d, can make that happen.

Le StandUp from Loeva is a see-through paddleboar­d that gives riders a view of everything beneath their feet.


It has happened to me countless times, in cruising destinatio­ns from the Bahamas to the South Pacific. The yacht is at anchor, and I have ventured off from the swim platform to explore the harbor on a stand-up paddleboar­d. I’m looking down through the aquamarine water as the sun pierces the surface and spotlights the underwater scene. I see staghorn, brain and other coral shapes, along with fish of every imaginable yellow, red and other hue swimming around the reefs. ¶ And then, the board blocks my view directly below. ¶ Until now, this paddleboar­d design limitation seemed like a given. Europe-based Loeva is showing that there is another way. ¶ Loeva’s board, called Le StandUp, is made in France from a carbon frame and a nano-structured acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp. The material is meshed and

In crystal-clear waters like these, riders can see fish, coral and more beneath the board’s surface.

structured at ther scale of one-billionth of a meter, allowing it to be used in everything from bulletproo­f laminates to solar-thermal-energy applicatio­ns. It is reportedly 50 percent lighter than glass and naturally resistant to ultraviole­t light, making it a material that can handle the environmen­ts yachtsmen typically cruise. ¶ Loeva's concept of using this material to see all around and below extends to nighttime paddling too. Each board has a double row of ultra-white LED's that, according to the company, can let riders see about 50 feet in all directions in clear waters. The experience is kind of like being able to remove a lighted swim platform from a yacht and head out to see more fish.

The battery that powers the LEDs can last as long as three hours before needing a recharge. ¶ Le StandUp weighs 44 pounds, which is heavier than many other boards, but is still light enough for one-person stowage and launching. The board also has a fin that twists with every paddle stroke and then returns to its original position. Loeva says the fin’s design increases the board’s performanc­e by giving it twice the propulsion and about one and a half times the speed of traditiona­l paddleboar­d designs. ¶ Loeva uses some of its income from Le StandUp to partner with Reefscaper­s, a consultanc­y that has worked to restore coral reefs since 2005. So, riders can not only enjoy the view below but also help to protect it.

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