“50 Years of Family Memories” (July) brings me back to 1975, when I was taking a Maco 22 from Key Largo, Florida, to Eleuthera, the Current, in the Bahamas. Stopped at Chub Cay when it was just a motel. Blackhawk had to wait for high tide to enter. [Spotting that yacht was] a big deal for me, being from Indiana. My folks had just built a house on Eleuthera, which our family still enjoys. ¶ That was the first of three small boats I’ve taken over, over the years—the last being with my three sons, stopping in Bimini and enjoying the Big Game Club and the Hemingway memorabili­a before the fire. ¶ Eleuthera really hasn’t changed over the years. ¶ Our youngest son, Ed, is in the “yachting business” [with an online sailing store] from the cornfields in Indiana. —bill furry via email

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