One of the great things about our favorite pastime is the constantly evolving tech that keeps us moving forward. From paperless bridges to the latest in constructi­on, that’s what this issue of Yachting is all about. If you’re liking the stories in this issue, check out even more at the Princess Passport - a joint venture between Yachting and Princess Yachts America. You’ll find an inside look at the newest yacht to join Princess’ X Class, must-have gear for high-latitude cruising, a story on why having Wi-Fi on board is essential (other than to catch up on your latest binge), and even more. Stay up to date by visiting yachtingma­gazine.com/princess-passport.

First Look: Princess X80

Episode 13 of the Princess Experience gives us an inside look at the X80, the newest yacht to join the X Class range.

Recipe: Seared Sweet Potato Fries

A savory, spicy snack you can serve right from the galley.

Remote Management

Garmin’s OnDeck puts remote-vessel management at a yachtsman’s fingertips.

High-Latitude Cruising Tech

From thermalima­ging cameras to collision-avoidance systems, tech can make cold-weather cruising safer.

You Need Wi-Fi On Board

Wireless routers help keep yachtsmen connected at sea.

Marine Engine Speak

Yachting contributo­r Jay Coyle discusses misunderst­anding the language of modern engines.

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