Any ad­vice for stick­ing to your yoga prac­tice dur­ing the hec­tic hol­i­day sea­son?

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I find it helps

to set daily in­ten­tions rather than look­ing at the en­tire hol­i­day sea­son. So I wake up and set an in­ten­tion ev­ery day to fit yoga in, and then I’ll even put it in my cal­en­dar as a re­minder. Get­ting to the mat is the hard­est part; once you’re there, you’re like, “Oh, thank God I made this de­ci­sion!”

Sesa O’Con­nor

Yoga teacher, surfer, and cre­ator of our bal­ance-bring­ing Home Prac­tice on page 69

I al­ways have

a travel mat with me, and I try to grab any 5- to 15-minute win­dow of time that presents it­self through­out the day and do what­ever prac­tice feels best at that mo­ment: med­i­ta­tion, asana, study, etc. Of­ten, my fam­ily mem­bers want to join in, and it be­comes a great way to be to­gether and con­nect.

Noah mazž

Yoga teacher, co-founder of Yoga­mazŽ, and in­spired baker—try his crave-wor­thy scones on page 36

Years ago,

I re­de­fined my re­la­tion­ship with the hol­i­days and cre­ated the in­ten­tion that they should be a time of rest, con­nec­tion, and ease. Mak­ing this per­spec­tive shift has al­lowed me to stay aligned with my per­sonal prac­tice. If I ever lose sight of this in­ten­tion, I shift my prac­tice to come back to the basics.

Coby Ko­zlowski

Kri­palu School of Yoga fac­ulty

In­hale, ex­hale, pause.

We re­ceive about 20,000 breath cy­cles a day. If only for a sin­gle cy­cle, I am con­scious of this great gift that in­fuses me with life, and all of the weight of the hol­i­days is—

poof— gone for the mo­ment. Take refuge in the com­ple­tion of the ex­hale, in that mag­i­cal si­lence of empti­ness dur­ing the nat­u­ral pause. Re­mem­ber, this is yours: nothing to buy, no tricks to learn.

Rod­ney Yee

Co-founder of Yoga Shanti in New York City and our pranayama Master Class teacher on page 79

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