Hasta Bandha


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From Ardha Ut­tanasana, ex­hale to step both feet back, bring­ing your knees down so you’re on all fours. Place your hands with fin­gers spread be­low your shoul­ders and with your knees un­der your hips. Your spine is in a neu­tral po­si­tion, so the nat­u­ral curve stays in­tact with your neck long. Ex­hale, and re­lease the cir­cum­fer­ence of your palms, the pads of your knuck­les, and the base of your hands down to the floor. This grounds your hands and should take pres­sure off your wrists. In­hale, and feel a gen­tle lift and light­ness travel through the soft cen­ter of your palms and up your arms for Hasta Bandha. When your aware­ness is finely tuned, you may also feel en­ergy mov­ing through your cen­tral chan­nel. As you in­hale, lift your sit­ting bones and chest to­ward the ceil­ing, al­low­ing your belly to sink to­ward the floor (Cow Pose). Ex­hale, round your spine to­ward the ceil­ing, and re­lease your head to­ward the floor (Cat Pose). Re­peat at least 5 times. As you move be­tween Cat and Cow, con­tinue to ground your outer hands, while feel­ing en­ergy draw­ing up from the cen­ter of your palms and through your arms.

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