Kat Fowler on in­no­va­tion in yoga

NYC yoga teacher Kat Fowler shares her per­spec­tive on where yoga is headed, her hope for the fu­ture, and her tool for mo­ti­vat­ing her prac­tice. Watch the full in­ter­view at yo­ga­jour­nal.com/kat­fowler

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We’re at an amaz­ing in­ter­sec­tion of west­ern med­i­cal knowl­edge and an­cient east­ern prac­tices.

The more ther­a­peu­tic and anatom­i­cal sides of yoga are be­com­ing known be­cause there are so many peo­ple in the med­i­cal field that have seen the ben­e­fits of the prac­tice with their pa­tients. We’re lucky to have med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als that want to de­vote time and re­search into in­cor­po­rat­ing yoga with west­ern medicine.

As a teacher of move­ment you should be ed­u­cated in the body,

and that wasn’t al­ways re­quired. I don’t think you need to be a doc­tor to teach yoga; that’s not our job. But I do think it’s ex­tremely help­ful to be knowl­edge­able about phys­i­ol­ogy and anatomy when work­ing with stu­dents.

Es­sen­tial oils help you get “into the zone” to prac­tice.

I typ­i­cally like Pep­per­mint to­wards the be­gin­ning of prac­tice and Laven­der to­wards the end. Over time, you be­gin to as­so­ciate the scent with the feel­ing of your prac­tice. On those mo­ments when you might not be in the mood to prac­tice ev­ery day, the smell of es­sen­tial oils will get you there – “Oh, I re­mem­ber how good I feel when I do this.”

I love us­ing Na­ture’s Truth® es­sen­tial oils

be­cause their oils are 100% pure. I use es­sen­tial oils top­i­cally quite a bit, their Fo­cus Roll-On is great be­cause it’s al­ready mixed with a base oil. It’s com­fort­ing to know that what’s go­ing on my body is what I see on the la­bel. My new love is their mist prod­uct. I walk into the stu­dio and I can re­fresh the space with the Laven­der Mist. Mus­cle Ease ™ Mist is also perfect for af­ter prac­tice be­cause it has this nice cool­ing ef­fect on your mus­cles, like my shoul­ders and neck.

My hope for yoga is that it be­comes more in­te­grated into daily life.

With the pop­u­lar­ity of yoga con­tin­u­ing to grow, ideally it will be­come more and more in­te­grated within med­i­cal and school sys­tems. Col­lege in par­tic­u­lar is a great en­vi­ron­ment for yoga to spread. Col­lege stu­dents are at an age where peo­ple are think­ing for them­selves and mak­ing choices about how they want to live their lives. One day we’ll see yoga pro­grams as manda­tory in hos­pi­tals and schools.

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