Just Add Crys­tals

We could all use a lit­tle magic in our lives. That’s why YJ is hav­ing a love af­fair with crys­tals— beau­ti­ful ob­jects in­fused with the earth’s heal­ing en­ergy. Not a be­liever? Read on to learn more about their se­cret pow­ers.

Yoga Journal - - Contents - By Devi Brown

Start work­ing with th­ese six min­er­als—in­fused with in­flu­en­tial en­ergy—and watch your world light up.


ABIL­ITY to help con­nect us with the en­ergy of the uni­verse. They were formed in the earth’s sur­face mil­lions (or even bil­lions) of years ago, typ­i­cally dur­ing pe­ri­ods of change—and like ev­ery­thing else in this world, they re­tain the vi­bra­tions of the planet. En­ergy and wis­dom from the be­gin­ning of ex­is­tence re­sides in­side each min­eral. We’re able to har­ness that en­ergy for our­selves by wear­ing crys­tals, hold­ing them, plac­ing them in our homes, and even car­ry­ing them with us. Their en­ergy can aid us in trans­form­ing our­selves men­tally, phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally, and spir­i­tu­ally.

Hu­mans have been drawn to crys­tals for thou­sands of years. Kings and queens used them for pro­tec­tion, shamans use them for heal­ing, watch­mak­ers use quartz to tell time, and sci­en­tists use them in mi­crochips.

If you feel drawn to a crystal, it’s likely one you can uti­lize in your life. When you find the right min­er­als for you, their en­ergy will work in har­mony with yours to en­hance your life and re­veal things that have been pre­vi­ously out of reach. On the fol­low­ing pages, you’ll find a few crys­tals to get you started.

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