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Be­cause crys­tals are con­duits of en­ergy and in­ten­tion, it is im­por­tant to cleanse your new finds to rid them of any pre­vi­ous in­tent.

1 SOAK Add ½ tsp of sea salt to ev­ery cup of al­ka­line wa­ter in a glass bowl and stir. Add your crystal, mak­ing sure it is sub­merged. Close your eyes and, with your hands hov­er­ing over the bowl, set the in­ten­tion for the salted wa­ter to re­move any neg­a­tive en­ergy from the crys­tals. Let your crystal soak overnight, re­move, then rinse.

2 SMUDGE Hold the crystal in your hand and light a bun­dle of sage or palo santo wood un­til it smol­ders. Wave the smoke back and forth over the crys­tals. Then ex­tin­guish the embers.

3 SOUND OFF Place your crystal close to a singing bowl and lightly strike it three times. Then glide the mal­let around the outer rim of the bowl re­peat­edly.

4 RECHARGE Leave your crystal in the sun all day or overnight in the moon­light if it hasn’t re­con­nected to the earth in a long time.

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