Ac­cess vi­tal­ity with Car­nelian

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CAR­NELIAN IS A STONE OF AC­TION and vi­brant pas­sion, most of­ten used for ac­cel­er­ated heal­ing and in­creased vi­tal­ity. It brings with it a pow­er­ful vi­bra­tion of sex­ual en­ergy and bold ac­tion. This crystal is all about get­ting your body and mind mov­ing with a surge of vital en­ergy so that you can heal your­self on a phys­i­cal level and ac­com­plish your goals on a men­tal one. Car­nelian is great for me­tab­o­lism, vi­ta­min ab­sorp­tion, re­gen­er­a­tion of tis­sues, thy­roid is­sues, and cleans­ing the blood. It can also be ex­tremely help­ful in detox­ing from al­co­hol and drug use. Be­cause of its strong abil­ity to bring the en­ergy of ac­cel­er­a­tion into your life, car­nelian has been known to help in ar­eas of love as well, and it can be used as a tool for reignit­ing pas­sion and ro­mance. It uses its fire en­ergy to bring pas­sion to the spa­ces it is in, re­vi­tal­iz­ing sex­ual en­ergy, plea­sure, and courage. Car­nelian also helps fight fa­tigue, lazi­ness, apa­thy, and de­pres­sion. It can also be used for pro­tec­tion against envy, jeal­ousy, and neg­a­tive emo­tions.

COLOR Fiery red-or­ange with a vi­brant glow.

HOW TO USE IT An­cient Greeks and Ro­mans wore this stone as a form of pro­tec­tion against sin. Place it near your front door for pro­tec­tion and a wel­com­ing of abun­dance. Keep a small piece with you for ac­cel­er­ated heal­ing when feel­ing ill. If you’re look­ing to add pas­sion in the bed­room, keep it near the bed dur­ing in­ti­macy—though be care­ful to re­move it be­fore fall­ing asleep be­cause car­nelian’s pow­er­ful en­ergy can in­ter­rupt slum­ber. Med­i­tate with this min­eral to help break through lim­it­ing thoughts and bring your in­ten­tions to fruition.

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