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Thou­sands of years ago, heal­ers and beau­ti­cians used crys­tals as part of their beauty reg­i­mens, as cures for ail­ments, and for man­i­fest­ing de­sires. They would crush up stones into pow­ders for the skin and steep crys­tals in wa­ter to make what are known to­day as “essences.” Crystal essences can be ap­plied top­i­cally as part of a skin-care rou­tine, in­gested as a drink, added to a bath, or used as room spray. Just like the min­er­als them­selves, each essence has a spe­cific vi­bra­tional en­ergy. By us­ing an essence, you al­low the heal­ing prop­er­ties of the crystal it’s made from to work on you from the in­side out.


Use a base: wa­ter is for drink­ing essences and oil is for top­i­cal ones. Use clean, pol­ished stones so you don’t leave any de­bris in your essence. Some crys­tals have toxic prop­er­ties, so re­search care­fully (the stones we list here are safe to use). Don’t mix more than two dif­fer­ent types of crys­tals.


Step 1 Fill a ster­il­ized glass ves­sel with 16 oz of wa­ter or car­rier oil (grape seed, jo­joba, or co­conut).

Step 2 Gen­tly place crys­tals into the liq­uid with a wooden spoon.

Step 3 Set your in­ten­tion for the essence (for ex­am­ple, “Help me open my heart to emo­tional heal­ing”).

Step 4 Place the glass ves­sel and its con­tents in di­rect sun­light or moon­light (7 hours for wa­ter-based essences, 24 hours for oil-based essences). Step 5 Re­move crys­tals with a wooden spoon. Step 6 Fill a glass drop­per or spray bot­tle with the essence and ei­ther use it im­me­di­ately or store it in the re­frig­er­a­tor (wa­ter-based essences are good for a few days, while oil-based ones have a longer shelf life).


Essence for emo­tional heal­ing Amethyst and kyanite Essence for bal­ance Clear quartz and blue lace agate Essence for vital en­ergy Car­nelian and shiva lingam

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