Mod­ify Dan­dasana if nec­es­sary to find safe align­ment in your body.

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If you have tight ham­strings or have to round your back to keep your legs straight …

TRY sit­ting on blocks, blan­kets, or a bol­ster at a height that al­lows you to main­tain a small curve in your lower back (nat­u­ral lum­bar lor­do­sis). Tighten a belt around your feet ( just above your heels) and the mid­dle of your pelvis. As you press your feet into the belt, it should hold your pelvis up­right, re­duc­ing strain on your lower back and hip flex­ors. Press your palms into the props and straighten your arms (bend your el­bows if your shoul­ders shrug).

If you don’t feel a lift in your spine and ch­est, or if you have wrist pain …

TRY plac­ing two blocks slightly be­hind you on a slope by rest­ing them on other blocks. Bend your el­bows, and press your palms into the bot­tom of the slanted blocks with your fin­ger­tips point­ing to­ward the floor. Hav­ing the blocks be­hind you al­lows you to gen­er­ate more for­ward mo­men­tum to lift and sup­port your lower back and trunk.

If your lower back tires eas­ily …

TRY hold­ing a sand­bag above your head, which will create re­sis­tance for your spine and arms to press against while an­chor­ing your sit­ting bones. Place a sec­ond sand­bag on your lower shins, which will help ground the lower end of the pose, giv­ing your hip flex­ors and lower back more lever­age with less ef­fort. (Do not take your shoul­ders down your back when your arms are up! It can com­press nerves and tis­sues in your shoul­ders and add ten­sion to your lower back.) You can also place a belt around your waist to help lift the full cir­cum­fer­ence of your trunk.

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