Strengthen your arms and core in th­ese prep poses for Urd­hva Mukha Svanasana.

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DHANURASANA Bow Pose, vari­a­tion

BEN­E­FITS Ex­pands your ch­est and al­lows you to ex­pe­ri­ence the up­per ac­tions of Urd­hva Mukha Svanasana (the fi­nal pose).

IN­STRUC­TION Place the mouth of your rib cage (the open­ing of your lower ribs) on a bol­ster, bend your knees, and reach back to clasp the out­sides of both an­kles. Press your feet away from you to help ex­pand your ch­est. Imag­ine that you’re zip­ping up your pu­bic bone to sup­port your lower ab­domen and lum­bar spine, which could oth­er­wise col­lapse un­der the force of gravity and ex­er­tion. (Avoid tuck­ing your tail­bone.) Hold for 5 breaths.

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