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For a longer ex­plo­ration of this pose with less ef­fort but many of the same ben­e­fits, prac­tice it with your lower thighs on a bol­ster (to sup­port your hips) and your hands on blocks (to lessen the back­bend)—you may need more height for the blocks if you’re us­ing a larger bol­ster. Start by kneel­ing be­hind the bol­ster, plac­ing your palms on the blocks. Move into Plank Pose, and reach your ch­est for­ward be­tween your arms. Rest your legs on the bol­ster, ei­ther rolling over your toes or turn­ing your feet over (once your legs are rest­ing). Ex­ter­nally ro­tate your shoul­ders while in­ter­nally ro­tat­ing your lower arms. Ex­plore press­ing your hands away from each other as you take the bot­tom tips of your shoul­ders straight down (as you did in Dan­dasana) to broaden and lift your ch­est.

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