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Lo­cust Pose

The goal To in­crease aware­ness in your up­per back and shoul­ders— and re­lieve the ex­cess ten­sion that tends to ac­cu­mu­late there.

To do Take a long yoga belt and make a small loop for your feet. Press your legs down into the floor and en­gage your leg mus­cles, hips, but­tocks, and lower ab­domen, press­ing your pu­bic bone down to­ward the floor. Bend your el­bows, and walk your hands up the strap as you lift your ch­est and up­per back away from the floor. Roll your shoul­ders back and down, away from your ears. Let the lift of your ch­est pre­cede the lift of your head.

The ben­e­fit Stu­dents of­ten report feel­ings of spa­cious­ness af­ter do­ing this, says Ow­erko.

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