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One-Legged King Pi­geon Pose

The goal To get deeper into both shoul­ders and hips. To do Kneel in front of a chair. Place one an­kle or lower leg against the front of the chair seat, and step your other foot for­ward to come into an up­right lunge. Reach one arm back­ward, ex­tend­ing it from the shoul­der as you eter­nally ro­tate your up­per arm. Once you have po­si­tioned your hand on the chair, with your palm fac­ing up, lift your el­bow and ch­est. Then take your head back and reach your op­po­site arm to the chair as well. If pos­si­ble, walk your hands far­ther down the chair. Main­tain sta­bil­ity in your pelvic re­gion as you lift through your sides. Then, take your head back to (or to­ward) your back foot.

The ben­e­fit This vari­a­tion helps main­tain sta­bil­ity in the pelvic re­gion and an up­ward lift through your sides, says Ow­erko.

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