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Re­volved Head-of-the-Knee Pose

The goal To help root the ex­tended leg and lengthen the sides. To do Place a blan­ket over the top of your ex­tended leg. Po­si­tion the top of a fold­ing chair into the very top of that thigh, near your hip. The weight of the chair will help the top of your leg to set­tle to­ward the floor. Hold the legs of the chair with both hands, then ex­ter­nally ro­tate your bot­tom arm and bring it for­ward to hold the front leg of the chair. Reach your top arm over­head to hold the back leg of the chair. As you fold over your right leg, the chair will help lengthen and trac­tion the sides of your trunk—away from your hips and to­ward your the foot or your ex­tended leg. Once you lower the chair close to your straight leg, tilt the front por­tion of the chair down to touch the floor. Let go of the chair mo­men­tar­ily so that you can place a block on the seat of the chair to sup­port your head. Take hold of the chair legs once again. Pull the top of the chair deeper into your right hip as you lengthen both sides of your trunk and roll your ch­est and head up to­ward the ceil­ing.

The ben­e­fit The trac­tion cre­ated by the chair will help prac­ti­tion­ers feel grounded and ex­pan­sive in this pose, says Ow­erko.

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