4 URD­HVA MUKHA SVANASANA Up­ward-Fac­ing DogPose

Yoga Journal - - HOME PRACTICE -

Take a big breath in, and come for­ward into Plank Pose with your shoul­ders di­rectly over your wrists and your torso par­al­lel to the floor. On an ex­ha­la­tion, slowly bend your el­bows, and lower into Chat­u­ranga Dan­dasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose). On an in­hala­tion, pull your chest be­tween your hands. Straighten your arms to lift up your torso, and bring your legs a few inches off the floor with the tops of your feet rest­ing on the mat. Feel your shoul­der blades push into your back as you open your heart to­ward the sky. On an ex­ha­la­tion, roll over your toes, press­ing your hips up and back into Down­ward-Fac­ing Dog.

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