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Kathryn Budig, in­ter­na­tion­ally cel­e­brated yoga teacher, likes to “aim true” when it comes to her diet as well as her life­style.

“I’m care­ful not to link my­self to cer­tain di­ets be­cause my body is al­ways chang­ing, but that be­ing said, I al­ways pre­fer to eat a plant-heavy diet (my two ma­jor rules: eat more vegeta­bles and eat some­thing green ev­ery day),” she says. “Pro­tein shakes are im­per­a­tive to me when I’m on the road or in need of quick and ac­ces­si­ble pro­tein.” Budig is a fan of EVOLVE® Clas­sic Choco­late ready-to-drink plant-based pro­tein shakes, which are dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. “I’m a huge foodie who won't sac­ri­fice taste, so hav­ing a pro­tein shake that is ab­so­lutely de­li­cious and pro­vides me with the nu­tri­ents I need is a win-win.”

Her Go-To Meals

“I start the day with two large glasses of wa­ter with added trace min­er­als and rose wa­ter,” says Budig. “I al­ways have an oath or al­mond milk latte, and break­fast fluc­tu­ates - I make a sim­ple grain-free pan­cake recipe, co­conut yo­gurt par­faits, or soft-boiled eggs. I love mak­ing green smooth­ies when the weather warms up (this is my post-yoga drink), and din­ner of­ten con­sists of my quinoa bowls (a mix of beans, roasted toma­toes, greens, av­o­cado, and am­ple hot sauce) or home- made cau­li­flower rice with some kind of pro­tein on top

Stay­ing Healthy on the Road

“I travel with all my po­tions! Pro­tein shakes, col­la­gen, es­sen­tial oils, liq­uid chloro­phyll, sup­ple­ments, di­ges­tive en­zymes, and as much wa­ter as I can get down. I al­ways have my­ofas­cial re­lease balls in my bag, Chi­nese herb patches for sore­ness, a jade roller, and cac­tus-col­la­gen eye pads to com­bat phys­i­cal fa­tigue.”

Budig’s Top 3 Life­style “Rules”

1. Drink more wa­ter.

2. Get out­side daily, and if pos­si­ble, be bare­foot.

3. Sweat daily, and if you can’t, take a walk or med­i­tate.

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