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Stack 2 or 3 folded blan­kets ver­ti­cally up the cen­ter of your mat. You may wish to place a soft bol­ster or pil­low on top of them. Sit on your mat in front of the blan­kets, and place 2 blocks side by side near the foot of your mat with a long, rolled-up blan­ket on top. Rest your knees over the roll with your feet on the floor. You may en­joy an ad­di­tional blan­ket un­der your feet and an­kles for sup­port. Lie back, and hold the cor­ners of your blan­ket stack to help you stay cen­tered as you lower all the way down. With your seat on the mat, al­low the blan­kets to sup­port you from your lower back up to your head. Press the soles of your feet to­gether and let your knees fall apart, cre­at­ing a deep, wide di­a­mond shape with your legs. Your outer thighs and knees should rest heav­ily on the blan­ket roll. Bring your arms to your sides, rest them on your belly with your el­bows on the ground, or place blan­kets or pil­lows un­der your arms for sup­port. Scan your aware­ness up and down your body, and no­tice all the places it makes con­tact with the ground and props. Take sev­eral long breaths, com­pletely re­leas­ing your body weight to the ground. On your in­hala­tions, al­low your breath to soften your belly. On your ex­ha­la­tions, imag­ine your belly re­leas­ing into your back. Be­fore you fin­ish, bring your hands to your belly once again. Feel your palms re­ceive your breath. To exit, slowly roll to your right side, and take a few quiet breaths. Then press to a gen­tle seated po­si­tion with your hands over your heart. Feel your breath in your hands, and slowly tran­si­tion back into the space around you.

The ben­e­fits God­dess Pose is a vul­ner­a­ble pose; it ex­poses the en­tire front body. But when you re­lax in this po­si­tion, you can cre­ate more space for your breath, vi­tal or­gans, cir­cu­la­tion, thoughts, feel­ings, and any sen­sa­tions that arise. Mak­ing space starts by tak­ing no­tice, like this: Hmm, there’s that tight­ness in my right hip. Look at that, there it is again. What­ever shows up, sim­ply no­tice it, re­turn your aware­ness to the sup­port of the ground and your breath, and then al­low your car­ing breath to cre­ate more space for what­ever you may be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. Like breath­ing, re­leas­ing ten­sion is not some­thing we do, it’s some­thing we al­low.

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