Ex­tended Side An­gle Pose

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Warms up your hips and ham­strings to pre­pare you for the deeper in­ten­sity of Ardha Chan­dra Cha­pasana, our fi­nal pose


Take a wide stance with your feet par­al­lel to one an­other. Turn your left foot out 90 de­grees, mak­ing sure your feet are lined up, left heel to right arch. Place your left fin­ger­tips to the floor on the out­side of your left foot, and ex­tend your right arm over your head. (Al­ter­na­tively, place your left fore­arm on your left thigh.) Keep the weight bal­anced be­tween your front and back legs as you breathe and elon­gate all parts of your body. Hold for 3–5 breaths. Re­peat on the othe side.

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