Ex­tended Tri­an­gle Pose

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Pow­er­fully stretches your ham­strings while your leg is straight and turned out—in prepa­ra­tion for the same mus­cle ac­tion in the fi­nal pose


Take a wide stance with your feet par­al­lel to one an­other. Turn your left foot out, mak­ing sure your feet are lined up, left heel to right arch. Place your right hand on your right hip, and ex­tend your left arm out in front of you. Firm your legs and bend for­ward, push­ing your chest for­ward and your thighs back. Reach your fin­ger­tips down to the floor or to a block in front of you. Once your fin­ger­tips are grounded, keep your legs straight and ro­tate your left leg ex­ter­nally as you move your left fin­ger­tips be­hind your foot (to the floor or to a block). Lift your right arm up to the sky. Keep your legs strong, and elon­gate your body in all di­rec­tions. Breathe, and hold for 30 sec­onds. Re­peat on the other side.

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