Yoga Journal - - HOME PRACTICE -

Move your feet un­der your hips, slightly ex­ter­nally ro­tat­ing your legs and feet. Bend your knees to lower into a squat. Try to keep both feet rooted firmly into the ground as you lengthen your spine. It’s OK if your heels lift a lit­tle. Place a block be­tween your palms, and lengthen your arms up along­side your ears. The goal here is not to col­lapse your lower back but to draw in your core, length­en­ing through your spine. Keep your legs en­gaged with your in­ner thighs ac­tive and your arms vig­or­ously reach­ing up—work­ing on main­tain­ing up­per-thigh to rib con­nec­tion. Hold for 10 sec­onds, and re­peat 3 times.

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