Ex­tended Side An­gle Pose

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In lat­eral stand­ing poses, a dowel can be used in many ways. This ver­sion, with one arm up and one arm down, al­lows you to rest your head against the dowel once you move into the pose and to use it as light re­sis­tance to help turn your trunk away from the floor. Rest­ing your lower hand on the dowel and us­ing it for sup­port takes weight off your front leg and hip. Press­ing the dowel against your leg gives your front sit bone a point of re­sis­tance against which to press for­ward. This prepa­ra­tion can also be used for Tri­an­gle Pose. Hold the dowel ver­ti­cally in your right hand, and walk your feet apart about 4 feet, or a full leg length. Turn your right foot to­ward the front of your mat, and po­si­tion the dowel in front of your right leg, just above your knee joint. Lift your left arm above your head, keep­ing your el­bow bent, and take hold of the dowel, palm fac­ing for­ward. Hold­ing the dowel in place, bring your right arm and shoul­der for­ward in front of the dowel. Take hold of it with your right hand fac­ing back, palm against the dowel.

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