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In this all-im­por­tant sec­tion we shift em­pha­sis from ef­fort­ing to its op­po­site—the re­turn to cen­ter. Here, we dial down the ef­fort with speci­ficity, re­leas­ing the body from the ef­forts re­quired to move into peak­ing. This is not a ran­dom cooldown; it's spe­cific to the ef­fort that you just made. Here, the back­bend is the re­turn to cen­ter be­cause of all the for­ward bend­ing you've done.

32 BADDHA KONASANA Bound An­gle Pose Hold for 8-10 breaths

33 SETU BANDHA SAR­VAN­GASANA Bridge Pose, vari­a­tion

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