Yoga Journal - - BUILD A POSE -

From a seated po­si­tion, bend your knees and hook your big toes. Lean back to the edge of your sit bones as you firm your legs to straighten them. On an in­hala­tion, ex­pand your chest. On an ex­ha­la­tion, fold your thighs and your torso in to­ward each other. Place your palms on your feet, stretch­ing your heels up­ward. On an in­hala­tion, press your shoul­der blades in, draw­ing your chest and face up. On an ex­ha­la­tion, fold your legs deeper into your chest. Aim to use your hip flex­ors, ab­dom­i­nal wall, and deep spinal mus­cles—en­gag­ing the en­tire core. As these mus­cles work in har­mony, you will find your cen­ter line and come to bal­ance on your sit bones. Hold here for 5 breaths.

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