Yuma par­ents weigh in on al­lowances To give or not to give… Yuma par­ents weigh in on al­lowances


To give or not to give, that is the ques­tion … at least when it comes to chil­dren and al­lowance! Some par­ents are pro-al­lowance, oth­ers not so much. But one thing is clear – ev­ery­one has an opin­ion about it.

On the plus side, an al­lowance can be used to help chil­dren learn about money.

Par­ents can set chores for kids to earn their al­lowance. Or, par­ents can set reg­u­lar chores that are done as part of the fam­ily, but kids can do bonus chores to earn an al­lowance. Or, par­ents can sim­ply give an al­lowance, not at­tached to chores – the choice is re­ally up to the fam­ily.

Par­ents can also set pa­ram­e­ters for how al­lowance can be spent. For ex­am­ple, one-third can be spent on what­ever, onethird must go into sav­ings, and one-third has to be do­nated to a char­i­ta­ble cause.

What­ever you choose to do, it’s in­ter­est­ing to see what fam­i­lies think of the al­lowance idea.

Rais­ing Yuma Fam­i­lies de­cided to take a lit­tle in­for­mal poll on Face­book to see what Yuma fam­i­lies do. We asked, “Hey, par­ents! We’re do­ing a lit­tle reader re­search for our magazine, Rais­ing Yuma Fam­i­lies, and we have a ques­tion. Do you give your child an al­lowance, and if so, how much? Let us know! We’d love to hear your feed­back, which might be used in the Oc­to­ber edi­tion!”

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