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Ants on a Log is a time-tested treat. Cel­ery, peanut but­ter and lit­tle raisins, march­ing along the top. What’s not to love?

My child hated it.

So we got cre­ative, and changed it up to “Fire Ants on a Log,” drop­ping the raisins, and adding in craisins. It worked, and fi­nally, I had a some­what healthy snack for my child.

It was tough in the preschooler years to get my child to try new fruits and veg­gies. Pin­ter­est-wor­thy scenes con­structed out of car­rots, grapes, spinach and av­o­cado were pretty but they didn’t change the fact that my child saw ab­so­lutely no rea­son at all to try any of the afore­men­tioned foods.

Then one day, I had an idea.

I took my preschooler to the pro­duce de­part­ment at the gro­cery store, and told her to pick out three items that she wanted to try. What looked tasty? What caught her at­ten­tion?

For once, she was in charge of the gro­cery cart, not me. There was only one rule – she had to ac­tu­ally take a bite when we got home. If she didn’t like it, no wor­ries. Her dad and I would eat it. My hope was we would find some foods out­side of her nor­mal range that she en­joyed.

Along the way, we learned that she was a fan of raw veg­gies, not cooked. And the few ac­cept­able cooked veg­gies had to come with a le­mon wedge. But that was OK, be­cause her hori­zons ex­panded a bit.

And in the end, that was my ul­ti­mate goal.

Ants on a Log

If you want to try mak­ing ants on a log at home, or fire ants on a log, it’s pretty easy.

• Wash and trim stalks of cel­ery.

• Dry the stalks, cut them to size, and fill the cel­ery canal with peanut but­ter.

• Press craisins or raisins along the top of the peanut but­ter, and voila – ants on a log.

If you want to get re­ally crazy, check out the dried fruit sec­tion at the gro­cery store. Along with the raisins, there are now dried blue­ber­ries, cran­ber­ries, man­gos, straw­ber­ries, ap­ples, pineapples, apri­cots, dates and more, all avail­able at Yuma stores.

Or, even bet­ter, try us­ing a fla­vored cream cheese in place of the peanut but­ter.

The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less!

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