Here are ways you can use Your News­pa­per in the Class­room or At Home with your Child!

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Iden­tify ar­ti­cles that in­clude num­bers rep­re­sent­ing re­la­tion­ships of less than, equal to or greater than.


Find five sto­ries from dif­fer­ent cities. Then find five sto­ries from dif­fer­ent states and five from dif­fer­ent coun­tries. Lo­cate each of these cities, states and coun­tries on a map.


Rate a news­pa­per ar­ti­cle us­ing cat­e­gories: Is the ar­ti­cle or­ga­nized? Is it fair? Does it have sup­port­ing de­tails? A sat­is­fac­tory clos­ing para­graph? Have stu­dents rate on a scale of 1-5 and com­pare.


Ge­og­ra­phy scav­enger hunt: find a for­eign coun­try/city, a U.S. city/town, a body of wa­ter, a place in a di­rec­tion (north, south, east or west) and other ge­o­graphic con­cepts.


Re­write five head­lines us­ing syn­onyms for nouns or verbs. Then “pair up” head­lines into sets of antonyms, syn­onyms and homonyms.


De­ter­mine the com­mis­sion you would make if you sold a car listed in the clas­si­fied sec­tion and made 13% com­mis­sion.


Read a story from the news­pa­per and ask stu­dents (in­di­vid­u­ally or in teams) to an­swer ques­tions based on the 5W’s and H (who, what, when, where, why and how) of the story


Have stu­dents look through the comic strips for a char­ac­ter that is most like them. They can make a list of the things they have in com­mon as well as dif­fer­ences.

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