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The map, GPS and road signs will tell you when you get to Yuma.

Still, as longtime residents know, there are a number of other qualities and peculiarit­ies that make our area stand out from other communitie­s along the highway

You’ll know you’re here in Yuma, for example, when…

• The Yuma water tower is decorated for the holidays.

• Holiday lights aren’t just strung up on buildings and homes; they decorate cars that travel through Yuma in the Dorothy Young Memorial Light Parade.

• You can go outside in shorts and short sleeves in December and January.

• In the winter months, you can see license plates from not only Arizona, but California, Nevada, Oregon,Washington, Montana, Idaho,Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado, Columbia, Alberta, Baja California and Sonora.

• You might find yourself behind a tractor if you drive on Highway 95.

• Wildflower­s dot the desert landscapes after a winter of rain.

• You hear both English and Spanish spoken in public.

• Law-abiding citizens readily gather in prison – the Yuma Territoria­l Prison State Historic Park, that is.

• You discover Yuma High School proudly embraces a Criminal as its mascot.

• The western sky is often vividly colored at sunset.

• You hear the overhead roar of the Yuma-based Marine aircraft that defend our country.

• You commonly see farm workers harvesting lettuce in the fields around the area.

• Classic cars take over the streets the first weekend of March during Midnight at the Oasis.

• Harley Hogs gather in Yuma by hundreds in April during the Norwalk Centaur’s Yuma Prison


• You notice you have many Mexican food restaurant­s and taco stands to choose from – so many, in fact, you won’t get around to trying them all any time soon.

• Hot-air balloons take to the sky in November, for the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival.

• You see people traveling through residentia­l streets on golf carts as well as cars or bikes.

• Almost every weekend in the winter a party or celebratio­n is taking place in Downtown Yuma.

• There’s no shortage of golf courses and tee times – because there’s no shortage of golfers in the winter.

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