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With plenty of open-air markets and street vendors peddling everything from jewelry and sunglasses to painted rocks and wood-carved figures,Mexican border cities near Yuma have incredibly colorful, diverse shopping experience­s.

Both San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., and Los Algodones, Baja Calif., have these experience­s within walking distance from the U.S.-Mexico border.

And unlike in the United States, just about everything is negotiable.

Haggling is not only common, but expected.Virtually no one seems to have a concrete price for anything in most shops, which makes for relative deals where the U.S. dollar is the primary currency.

Many of the products for sale come from different parts of Mexico, like the famous hand-carved Oaxacan figures, which are from the southern state of Oaxaca.

Some of the figures are signed by artists with their location.

But visitors should always keep in mind that authentici­ty of items — especially jewelry and hand-made items — can often be unverifiab­le.

However, if you’re thinking about parting with a good chunk of change for a silver necklace, take a magnet with you and remember that gold and silver are non-magnetic (though that’s also not always a guaranteed way to ensure authentici­ty either).

Some vendors are a bit more vocal than we’re used to in tourist areas in the States, which can be a tad overwhelmi­ng depending on your capacity for being called“friend”and “buddy”hundreds of times within a few hours.Since the communitie­s cater to the English-speaking, it’s actually more common to hear English than Spanish. Since they border cities are tourist-driven — especially Los Algodones — expect to be sold everything.That includes dental work and eyeglasses. Many dentists and optometris­ts have people in front of their business or roaming the streets offering free estimates and free eye exams to entice would-be patients.

Los Algodones is actually known as the dental capital of Mexico, with more than 350 dentists working in the town. No matter what you decide to buy – or not buy – in the border cities – it is sure to be an interestin­g,enjoyable experience.

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