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Area Code: 928

Time Zone:

Arizona is located in the Mountain Time Zone and does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Land Area of Yuma County: 5,514 square miles

Area Elevation:

137 to 200 feet above sea level

Incorporat­ed Municipali­ties in Yuma County:

Yuma; Somerton; San Luis,Ariz.; and Wellton Unincorpor­ated Communitie­s in Yuma County: The Foothills,Tacna,Dateland, Gadsden, Roll

Population of Yuma County: (2017 Census estimate) 207,534

Population of Yuma:

(2017 Census estimate) 95,502

Population of San Luis: (2017 Census estimate) 32,446

Population of Somerton: (2016 Census estimate) 16,120

Population of Wellton: (2017 Census estimate) 2,989

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