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Fire House Facts


During the week of April 1-7, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 292 emergency calls for service:

• 7 general fire response

Including: A strong gas smell in a home, a garage fire caused a person burning weeds, and various alarms.

• 1 mutual aid

Including: Called to assist Rural Metro with a medical emergency in the County.

• 11 motor vehicle crashes

Including: 1 involving a rollover, 1 involving a pole, 1 involving a pedestrian, 1 involving a building, 1 head-on crash, and 1 involving a tree.

• 254 other medical emergencie­s (serious-minor)

Including: 24 for difficulty breathing, 18 for chest pain, 28 for falls, 13 for unconsciou­s people, 10 seizure cases, 8 possible stroke cases, 4 for intoxicate­d persons, 3 for people under the influence of drugs, 3 drug overdoses, 7 for people with psychiatri­c problems, 1 for a medical alarm, 1 for a child locked in vehicle, 1 for allergic reaction, 2 for choking, 16 for altered or decreased level of consciousn­ess, 1 for broken bones, 6 for diabetic emergencie­s, 1 for a human bite, 8 for man down calls, 4 for bad headaches, 1 for a gunshot wound, 7 for assaults, 6 for back pain, 16 for abdominal pain, 2 pregnancy related, 3 for laceration­s, and other illnesses and injuries.

• 19 special duty, public assistance, and residentia­l assignment­s

Including: 1 for a bee swarm, 1 for a snake removal, 3 for vehicle fires, 1 for a small brush fire, 1 for a strong smell of gas in an area, and various alarms.

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