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Hunters pleased by failure of Humane Society proposal


Arecent headline read, “The Humane Society of the United States and their Arizona Shell Organizati­on, Arizonans for Wildlife, admit major defeat by a coalition of Arizona Wildlife Conservati­onists.” I couldn’t be happier, and there is a multitude of outdoors enthusiast­s, hunters and fishermen and women plus families in Arizona who feel the same.

The Yuma Sun shared this news earlier that many outdoorsme­n and women may have read. For those who missed it, allow me to bring you up to date a bit with the following. When this all started with the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) and Arizonans for Wildlife first began this fight to get their proposal to stop hunting of wild cats in Arizona on the ballot for a vote come fall election time, we all joined forces in earnest to protect what we love and that is wildlife and it’s science-based management by all of the welltraine­d biologists of the Arizona Game and Fish Department with the job of benefiting our wildlife that they do so well.

Pete Cimellaro, President of Conserve and Protect Arizona stated, “Today’s announceme­nt is a clear indication that Arizona voters reject highly political effort by a non-Arizona organizati­on, to destroy science-based management of wildlife and displace the profession­al managers of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, by using the ballot box to dictate management options.” Cimellaro went on to say, “We will continue to work tirelessly to inform Arizonans about our state’s nationally recognized science-based management programs, which serve as a foundation for insuring that Arizona’s wildlife will continue to prosper. Conserve and Protect Arizona is greatful to the people of Arizona, and pledges to be a watchdog for any attempt to displace the state’s wildlife management agencies authority.”

Jim Unmacht, Executive Director of Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservati­on, a coalition of 35 wildlife conservati­on organizati­ons, also stated, “We appreciate Arizona voters for their thoughtful rejection of an out-of-state organizati­on that tried to use politics to manage wildlife versus the profession­al scientists that work each and every day to help perpetuate over 820 species of wildlife in Arizona for future generation­s.”

For more informatio­n visit, https://conservean­dprotectaz.org/. Also visit info@conservean­dprotectaz.org or write to P.O. Box 71876, Phoenix, AZ 85050.

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