Amer­i­cans have strong opin­ions on Amer­i­can cheese

Item falls on fa­vorite list and least fa­vorite list

Yuma Sun - - OPINION -

Cheese is one of those ver­sa­tile foods of­fer­ing some­thing for al­most ev­ery­one.

There’s feta, havarti, pro­volone and ched­dars ga­lore. Gouda, Colby, asi­ago and gor­gonzola.

There are now lac­tose-free op­tions, ve­gan cheese food op­tions and fat-free op­tions too.

But when it comes to Amer­i­can cheese, peo­ple tend to fall into two camps: “De­li­cious!” or “Yuck!”

In honor of Na­tional Cheese Day last week, the To­day Show ran a list of Amer­ica’s top five fa­vorite cheeses, as found by In­nit.

Ched­dar took the lead, fol­lowed by moz­zarella, Amer­i­can, pep­per jack and pro­volone.

The vote was close. Ched­dar had 17 per­cent of the votes, fol­lowed by moz­zarella at 15 per­cent and Amer­i­can at 14. Amer­ica’s least fa­vorite cheese was blue, fol­lowed by lim­burger, goat, Amer­i­can and Swiss.

The re­sults are in­ter­est­ing, with Amer­i­can cheese land­ing on both lists.

Ac­cord­ing to, Amer­i­can is a type of pas­teur­ized pro­cessed cheese, un­der the U.S. Code of Fed­eral Reg­u­la­tions. It’s made from a blend of milk, milk fats and solids, with other fats and whey pro­tein con­cen­trate.

How­ever, Men­tal Floss notes that once upon a time, Amer­i­can cheese was once a blend, usu­ally of ched­dar and Colby, which made for “easy melt­ing and ap­proach­able fla­vor.” And Amer­i­can cheese sold at deli coun­ters is usu­ally made from real cheese, Men­tal Floss re­ports.

Ac­cord­ing to Thril­, the cheese has a strong fol­low­ing, at least when it comes to grilled cheese sand­wiches. The web­site re­ports that ev­ery year, Amer­i­cans eat more than 2 bil­lion Kraft grilled cheese sand­wiches, which would re­quire a stag­ger­ing amount of Amer­i­can cheese slices.

So here’s the ques­tion, Yuma. Where do you fall on Amer­i­can cheese? Is it de­li­cious hap­pi­ness, a re­minder of child­hood and grilled cheese sand­wiches? Or are you not so much for it?

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