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37 Yuma-area law en­force­ment of­fi­cers have made the ul­ti­mate sac­ri­fice for their com­mu­nity. Their names and their endof-watch dates are listed be­low: AZ DPS Of­fi­cer Tim Huff­man E.O.W. 05/06/2013 U.S.B.P. Agent Ed­uardo W. Ro­jas Jr. E.O.W. 05/12/2011 U.S.B.P. Agent Hec­tor Clark E.O.W. 05/12/2011 U.S.B.P. Agent John Hoag III E.O.W. 12/17/2009 U.S.B.P. Agent Luis Aguilar E.O.W. 01/19/2008 CHP Of­fi­cer Robert Dickie E.O.W. 06/10/2007 U.S.B.P. Agent James Epling E.O.W. 12/16/2003 YCSO Deputy Michael B. Meyer E.O.W. 08/13/2001 CHP Of­fi­cer Jim Schultz E.O.W. 11/16/1996 AZ DPS Sgt. Michael L. Crowe E.O.W. 07/04/1995 YPD Lt. Daniel P. Elkins E.O.W. 07/04/1995 U.S.B.P. Air Ops. Su­per­vi­sor David Robinson E.O.W. 07/14/1989 ICSO Deputy Richard Gri­jalva Romero E.O.W. 10/24/1988 YPD Of­fi­cer Gary A. Maas E.O.W. 04/09/1986 San Luis PD Of­fi­cer Jose Or­duno E.O.W. 04/03/1986 U.S.B.P. Pi­lot Lester Haynie E.O.W. 06/14/1985 ICSO Deputy Michael J. Edwards E.O.W. 05/30/1975 U.S.B.P. Se­nior Agent John Blue E.O.W. 10/04/1973 U.S.B.P. Pi­lot Friedrich Karl E.O.W. 10/04/1973 U.S.B.P. Agent Richard Lugo E.O.W. 05/14/1967 ICSO Deputy Milton R. Smalling E.O.W. 01/22/1967 ICSO Deputy Ben­jamin J. Solomon E.O.W. 04/10/1963 U.S.B.P. Pi­lot Ken­neth Carl E.O.W. 06/18/1961 AZ DPS Of­fi­cer Louis Cochran E.O.W. 12/22/1958 YCSO Deputy Wal­ter Akers E.O.W. 02/04/1948 YCSO Deputy Sylvester Castillo Villa E.O.W. 01/25/1948 U.S.B.P. In­spec­tor Ge­orge Pringle E.O.W. 12/28/1940 ICSO Deputy Ivan E. Null E.O.W. 10/17/1935 ICSO Deputy Ju­lian A. Partin E.O.W. 02/11/1920 US Deputy Mar­shal Charles Es­calanti E.O.W. 06/06/1909 YCSO Un­der Sher­iff Matthew B. De­vane E.O.W. 01/08/1901 YCSO Sher­iff James T. Dana E.O.W. 09/20/1871 U.S. Deputy Mar­shal Ge­orge W. Leihy E.O.W. 11/18/1866 YCSO Sher­iff Cor­nelius Sage E.O.W. 05/03/1865

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