First Take

Yuma Sun - - NEWS - By Rox­anne Mole­nar, edi­tor

There’s a lot of de­bate over which is bet­ter — Ap­ple or PC. But re­gard­less of which plat­form one prefers, they both have some­thing in com­mon: the Spin­ning Meat­ball of Death.

You know the one. It ap­pears on the screen when­ever there’s an is­sue, and it’s usu­ally an in­di­ca­tion that the sys­tem is about to crash.

I’ve not had the best of luck with said meat­ball lately. It ap­peared on my screen at work, and by the end of the week, the com­puter was hauled off to be re­paired.

Then, the meat­ball struck my Ap­ple TV box. It’s old, so it’s get­ting to be a lit­tle feisty.

Never be­fore, though, have I got­ten the spin­ning meat­ball on it. It seems like a har­bin­ger of im­pend­ing tech­no­log­i­cal death.

How­ever, the old standby fix (un­plug it, wait, and plug it back in) ac­tu­ally worked.

But maybe it’s time for me to start re­search­ing the op­tions out there now, in case I have to re­place it!

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