Dream to clean up vot­ing process for Amer­ica

Yuma Sun - - OPINION -

It’s dif­fi­cult to find any­one, at least those with a func­tion­ing brain, who doesn’t think our fed­eral gov­ern­ment is rife with cor­rup­tion. The ex­cep­tions are those who think the cor­rupt politi­cians sup­port their po­lit­i­cal dogma, so they turn a blind eye. The ques­tion is, what do we, the peo­ple, do about it? Yes, we have the vote, but the chi­canery we have seen in the elec­toral process makes one won­der if that re­ally mat­ters.

Here’s my dream(s): The vot­ing process should be cleaned up im­me­di­ately. In­crease the term of the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives to 4 years, de­crease the term of a Se­na­tor to 4 years, in­sti­tute term lim­its (2 terms) and have a na­tional elec­tion every 4 years. It couldn’t be com­pletely ac­com­plished un­til 2024, even if it was put in place im­me­di­ately be­cause of senators elected this year (6 year terms) but it could be phased in start­ing in 2020. The overly gen­er­ous (to put it mildly) ben­e­fits they all get could, and should, be ad­dressed right away.

Here’s the catch: We, the vot­ers, can’t do those things all by our­selves; the politi­cians will need to co­op­er­ate. The only way to get them to do that is to in­sist — make them prom­ise — to agree to vote for those changes. Any­one who won’t agree won’t get our vote, and any­one who agrees, and then doesn’t, is voted out in the next elec­tion.

We, the peo­ple, de­serve elected of­fi­cials who are ded­i­cated to the in­ter­ests of their con­stituents; we don’t need ca­reer politi­cians, many of whom have not only long since lost touch with the peo­ple, but think of us as nui­sances that they have to pla­cate every few years in or­der to get our vote.

Like I said, those are dreams, but…


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