• The View host Joy Be­har went on a tirade against Meghan McCain af­ter Meghan asked her to halt her anti-Trump rant over his de­nial of man-made climate change. Peo­ple’s lives are di­rectly af­fected by the weather. Chicago was com­pletely snowed in on Tues­day, de­lay­ing hun­dreds of mur­ders.

• Wall Street big shots are re­ported to be avoid­ing deal­ing with women in busi­ness out of fear of false #MeToo ac­cu­sa­tions. Let’s not put it all on women. I will ad­dress the L.A. press club Fri­day to an­nounce that 30 years ago at NBC, I was in­ap­pro­pri­ately touched by who­ever’s will­ing to set­tle.

• Pope Fran­cis re­leased a book de­liv­er­ing his views on so­cial is­sues that are now fac­ing the church. It’s tough love. The Pope said he’s con­cerned about ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity in the Ro­man Catholic pri­est­hood and he urged mem­bers of the clergy to con­tinue their Don’t Tell Don’t Tell pol­icy.

Ar­gus Hamil­ton is the host co­me­dian at The Com­edy Store in Hol­ly­wood and a speaker. His email ad­dress is ar­[email protected]­gushamil­

While in­ter­est rates have in­creased three times in the last year it doesn’t take a fi­nan­cial ge­nius to fig­ure out why hous­ing starts have fallen, au­to­mo­bile sales have fallen, and the stock mar­ket has dropped 1700 points. While the pres­i­dent is re­spon­si­ble for ap­point­ing the head of the Fed­eral Re­serve, I’m sure he has reser­va­tions about that de­ci­sion.

Most of us older folks can re­mem­ber when in­ter­est rates went up to 17 per­cent. The head of the Fed­eral Re­serve at that time was a man named Paul Vol­cker. Vol­cker was the gun­fighter we needed at the time to stem in­fla­tion, which was run­ning 18 per­cent. I, like many oth­ers in 1973, was in busi­ness at the time. The phone stopped ring­ing and I, like many oth­ers in San Diego, closed the doors to our busi­nesses. Like all other re­ces­sions, that one also ended in a year and a half.

If the gov­ern­ment had lis­tened to Mil­ton Fried­man, the re­ces­sion never would have got­ten started. Fried­man was an eco­nomic ge­nius. His books are used all over the world to teach eco­nom­ics. One of the state­ments in his book read that “the Fed­eral Re­serve should be abol­ished.” If there was no FDIC you can bet the farm the banks wouldn’t need an or­der to raise in­ter­est rates if in­fla­tion started.

I be­lieve that be­fore Pres­i­dent Trump leaves of­fice he will abol­ish the FDIC. So­cial­ism. A won­der­ful sound­ing eco­nomic/po­lit­i­cal con­cept. Where ev­ery­one re­ceives an equal por­tion of the wealth no mat­ter the value of their in­put. No more rich fat cats liv­ing off the labors of the poor, so it goes.

But you see, so­cial­ism is a false prom­ise. To­tally false. And the un­der­ly­ing rea­son is be­cause of the in­her­ent na­ture of hu­man greed. Peo­ple want to be re­warded for their ef­fort, risk tak­ing and acu­men. Mar­garet Thatcher once said “the prob­lem with so­cial­ism is that sooner or later you run out of other peo­ple’s money.” Even more, I think the big­gest prob­lem with so­cial­ism is it pro­vides a dis­in­cen­tive for the pro­duc­ers of society to pro­duce. If the hard work­ing in­di­vid­ual makes the same as the “do noth­ing loser,” he asks him­self, “why work so hard?” Thus less is pro­duced, re­sult­ing in ev­ery­one be­ing equally poor.

I am not sure our coun­try will be able to sur­vive much longer with­out be­com­ing a so­cial­ist coun­try. Don­ald Trump might be the last best hope to turn around this stam­pede to­ward so­cial­ism. The lib­eral so­cial­ist democrats con­trol 94-plus per­cent of the me­dia, and hate Trump not be­cause of his poli­cies, but be­cause he got in the way of Hil­lary’s corona­tion. Hil­lary was sup­posed to fin­ish what Obama had started, “the fun­da­men­tal trans­for­ma­tion of Amer­ica” to­ward so­cial­ism.

With con­trol of most of the me­dia, and most of the ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem, and con­tin­u­ous ef­forts by the democrats to al­low low in­for­ma­tion vot­ers into the coun­try and get reg­is­tered to vote, how long will it take for the no back­bone repub­li­cans to lose more states in the pres­i­den­tial races? The Democrats are now work­ing to se­cure Ari­zona, Texas and Florida. Once that hap­pens, you can wel­come so­cial­ism to our shores. At least it will solve one ma­jor prob­lem. Once a coun­try be­comes so­cial­ist, think Cuba and Venezuela, peo­ple no longer will be break­ing down our walls to get in.

So­cial­ism has been tried many times and failed each time. So, are we go­ing to al­low the lib­eral, so­cial­ist democrats to lead us down the path of false prom­ises? Only time will tell.

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