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A weekly list of city projects or en­croach­ment per­mits au­tho­rized by the City of Yuma af­fect­ing busy streets.


4th Av­enue, 32nd Street to 40th Street

Crews are re­con­struct­ing 4th Av­enue from 32nd Street to 40th Street. Lo­cal traf­fic will be one-way at all times (south­bound only) un­til the new pave­ment sec­tion is com­pleted. North­bound traf­fic is de­toured along 40th Street to Av­enue A. South­bound through traf­fic is en­cour­aged to use Ari­zona Av­enue and Av­enue A as al­ter­nate routes. Pedes­tri­ans are urged to use cau­tion while walk­ing near the work­zone. The pro­ject is cur­rently on sched­ule with nor­mal traf­fic ex­pected to resume by late Fe­bru­ary 2019.

City Street Main­te­nance

As­phalt main­te­nance op­er­a­tions for the week of Jan. 14-18 are as fol­lows:

• Av­enue B, 8th Place to 11th Street (crack seal).

• 24th Street, 1st Av­enue to 4th Av­enue (crack seal).

• 8th Av­enue, 22nd Street to 24th street (crack seal).

• Sun­set Mesa sub­di­vi­sion (crack seal).

• Ran­cho Sereno sub­di­vi­sion (grind­ing).

• 24th Street, Av­enue 9E to Araby Road (grind­ing).

• 24th Street, 1st Av­enue to 2nd Av­enue (grind­ing).

• 24th Street and Pa­cific Av­enue (grind­ing).


South Frontage Road and Mesa Av­enue

A pro­ject to in­stall a new curb­side and gut­ter will be­gin Jan. 22 and go through Jan. 25. While the pro­ject is un­der­way, there will be a re­duced speed limit, lane clo­sures and lane shifts.

1st Street, Av­enue B

Cen­tury Link is con­duct­ing work along 1st Street near Av­enue B. There will be a re­duced speed limit in place in ad­di­tional to clo­sures.

24th Street, Ridgeview Drive to Av­enue A

Cen­tury Link has be­gun night­time work along 24th Street, re­quir­ing a lane clo­sures be­tween Ridgeview Drive and Av­enue A. The speed limit is re­duced to 25 mph in the area and the east­bound right lane will be closed. The to­tal du­ra­tion for the pro­ject is 60 days. The bus stop lo­cated be­tween Elks Lane and Av­enue A is also tem­po­rar­ily closed.

24th Street, near La Mesa Drive

There will be a one-day clo­sure along 24th Street to La Mesa Drive. Traf­fic con­trol in­cludes shoul­der work and par­tial lane clo­sures, as well as a re­duced speed limit. Ari­zona Pub­lic Ser­vice will have crews in the area re­plac­ing some over­head util­i­ties.

Av­enue C and 28th Street

Con­struc­tion work at the in­ter­sec­tion of Av­enue C and 28th Street is nearly un­der­way, with work start­ing Mon­day, Jan. 7, through Mar. 4. Crews will in­stall a new sewer and water line, re­quir­ing road clo­sures in the area. Traf­fic con­trol de­vices will be in place, in­clud­ing signs for al­ter­nate routes and de­tours. A por­tion of Av­enue C will be fully closed, be­tween 24th and 32nd streets.

Travel Alert: I-8 near Tele­graph Pass (ADOT)

The Ari­zona Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion (ADOT) ad­vises driv­ers that there will be lane clo­sures on In­ter­state-8 (I-8) be­gin­ning at 7 a.m. on Tues­day, Nov. 27, near Tele­graph Pass in Yuma. Con­trac­tors will be do­ing util­ity work on Tele­graph Pass, re­quir­ing at least one travel lane in each di­rec­tion to be closed on I-8 near the U.S. Bor­der Pa­trol im­mi­gra­tion check­point (mile­post 17) and the Lig­urta Sta­tion RV Park (mile­post 21.3). Be­gin­ning Nov. 27, through Feb. 17, I-8 will be nar­rowed to one lane in both di­rec­tions, a 14-foot ve­hi­cle width re­stric­tion will be in place, and flag­gers will be on site to di­rect traf­fic. There may be a 10-minute road clo­sure in both di­rec­tions dur­ing aerial cross­ings re­quired for this pro­ject.

Pa­cific Av­enue, 12th-15th streets (South­west Gas)

UP­DATE: There are lane clo­sures on Pa­cific Av­enue that will limit ac­cess to the Yuma Palms Mall

en­trance be­tween 12th and 15th streets as crews do main­te­nance work on a gas line. Please use an al­ter­nate en­trance or route un­til the lanes re­open on Jan. 23.

South­west Gas will be in­stalling a new main line at Pa­cific Av­enue and 12th Street, start­ing as early as Dec. 13. The to­tal work du­ra­tion will be 90 days. While work is un­der­way, there will be lane clo­sures on Pa­cific Av­enue, be­tween 12th and 15th streets. Bar­ri­cades will be uti­lized on Pa­cific Av­enue and turns may be re­stricted onto Pa­cific Av­enue from ad­ja­cent streets, as needed for the pro­ject and crew safety. The con­trac­tor will no­tify res­i­dents in the area of roadwork and is to ac­com­mo­date ac­cess to busi­nesses and homes through­out the pro­ject’s time­line, if it is safe to do so. Work is to be com­pleted by Mar. 13.

20th Street, 4th Av­enue to Ari­zona Av­enue

Road clo­sures, lane clo­sures and de­tours will be in place start­ing Jan. 4 for a South­west Gas pro­ject to re­place steel main pipe in Yuma on 20th Street be­tween 4th Av­enue and Ari­zona Av­enue. The pro­ject will be un­der­way un­til Feb. 28.

4th Av­enue, 14th Street

The in­ter­sec­tion at 4th Av­enue and 14th Street will have lane clo­sures from Jan. 8 to Jan. 11. Crews will be re­mov­ing the cur­rent traf­fic sig­nal and wiring to re­place it. Traf­fic con­trol de­vices will be in place to di­rect traf­fic. Please con­sider an al­ter­nate route.

Av­enue 8 1/2E, Desert Springs (TrueNet Com­mu­ni­ca­tions)

TrueNet Com­mu­ni­ca­tions will be in­stalling an aerial telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions fiber from Dec. 19 to Jan. 8. While crews are in the area, Av­enue 8 1/2E will have a re­duced speed limit in place, traf­fic con­trol de­vices posted to help guide traf­fic, and pos­si­ble shoul­der clo­sures in place for the safety of crews in the area.

Av­enue 3 1/2E, 36th-40th streets (TrueNet Com­mu­ni­ca­tions)

TrueNet Com­mu­ni­ca­tions will be in­stalling fiber on Av­enue 3 1/2E, from 40th Street to 36th Street. The pro­ject be­gan Jan. 2 and is to be com­pleted by Jan. 25. While the in­stall is un­der­way, the road­way on Av­enue 3 1/2E will have a re­duced

speed limit in place as pos­si­ble lane and side­walk clo­sures for shoul­der work. The con­trac­tor is re­quired to co­or­di­nate with the Ma­rine Corps Air Sta­tion in Yuma (MCAS-Yuma) re­gard­ing ac­cess to the base. Ad­di­tion­ally, the con­trac­tor will no­tify busi­nesses and res­i­dents im­pacted by traf­fic con­trol in the area.

Av­enue 3E, east of 40th Street (Cen­tury Link)

A lane clo­sure will be in place along Av­enue 3E near 40th Street as early as Nov. 16 for a Cen­tury Link pro­ject that will last through Jan. 16.

Av­enue B, 8th Street (APS)

A three-day pro­ject on Av­enue B near its in­ter­sec­tion with 8th Street will re­quire de­tours in place in the area, from Oct. 22 to Jan. 25. The speed limit on Av­enue B will be re­duced to 25 mph in that area. The con­trac­tor is to no­tify res­i­dents of the road work and ac­com­mo­date ac­cess to homes, busi­nesses, if safe to do so. Dur­ing this time, crews will be in­stalling an APS power pole on the west side of Av­enue B and will be hang­ing an over­head line across Av­enue B.

Com­ing Soon: US 95, Av­enue 8E (ADOT)

Crews will be work­ing on US High­way 95 and Av­enue 8E, lo­cated just east of the City of Yuma, start­ing in April. The pro­ject will re­con­struct the in­ter­sec­tion of US 95 and Av­enue 8E, and will in­clude a new traf­fic sig­nal. It is a col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween ADOT and the Fed­eral High­way Ad­min­is­tra­tion to im­prove safety and traf­fic flow. The pro­ject is to be com­pleted in Oc­to­ber 2019. ADOT will have more in­for­ma­tion avail­able in the next few months. Driv­ers who are head­ing to Yuma Prov­ing Ground/Quartzsite can take I-8 from the 16th Street exit to the For­tuna Road exit, to High­way 95 to by­pass traf­fic.

24th Street, be­tween 1st Av­enue and Vir­ginia Drive

Cen­tury Link will be re­pair­ing a tele­phone ca­ble on 24th Street be­tween 1st Av­enue and Vir­ginia Drive, lead­ing to a lane clo­sure on 24th Street be­gin­ning Dec. 17 through Mar. 15. The speed limit will be re­duced along 24th Street in that area.

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