Yuma Sun

Guest column missed mark on gun issue


John Micek’s guest column of May 26 missed the mark. It is a shame that people will use a tragedy like the school shooting in Texas to promote a political agenda. He is blaming the gun for the violence but the gun is only a tool. He also ignores the fact that where we have the strictest gun laws is also where we have the most gun violence.

The elephant in the room that he ignores is harder to address but more relevant. We have a culture that glorifies violence through games and entertainm­ent media. One of the steps to getting here has been to eliminate God from the public discourse as much as possible.

In the process we have minimized the ennobling moral influence that gives purpose and hope to life. It cheapens life and promotes a selfish viewpoint that doesn’t value others except as they can be used for our benefit. The Bible describes an end time culture like this in 2 Timothy 3:2-5 and Romans 1:18-32. It speaks of people following a false science, 1 Tim 6:20, 2 Pet 3:3-6, which ignores facts so they can promote their own agenda.


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