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• The Weather Channel confirmed drought statistics indicating that California is now having the driest year in history from lack of rainfall. On top of that news, the second-driest rain season was last year.

The drought is so bad in California that you are now encouraged to pee in the pool.

• L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti decreed new water rules that everyone living in Los Angeles now be limited to four minutes in the shower, which could limit a lot of fun. A Brut shower products survey said that 54 percent of Americans have had sex in the shower. The rest haven’t been to prison yet.

• President Biden flew to Chicago to give a speech to a convention of the Internatio­nal Brotherhoo­d of Electrical Workers Union convention. It’s always brave for a president to go into a war zone. Last night I ordered a Chicago-style pizza and it began shooting the moment I opened the box.

argus Hamilton is the host comedian at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and a speaker. His email address is argus@argushamil­ton.com.

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