Yuma Sun

Legislator­s should support Open App Markets Act


The ability to work remotely has made Yuma an attractive place to live. The technology industry is becoming an important part of our economy, and small and medium app developers are trying to make a living, or supplement their paychecks by creating apps for our mobile devices that make all of our lives better.

Unfortunat­ely the tech giants Apple and Google run their app marketplac­es in monopolist­ic ways that stifle innovation and create an unfair playing field for these small entreprene­urs. They charge the app developers up to 30% for any in-app purchases. They limit communicat­ion between the app developers and their customers, and they promote their apps over those of the developers. These all lead to an unlevel playing field that makes it hard for the app developers to compete with.

Congress is considerin­g the Open App Markets Act which seeks to fix some of these unfair practices. Versions are working their way through the House and the Senate, and enjoy support from both sides of the aisle. I hope our leaders in Washington step up to the plate and help the little guys be successful by supporting this important legislatio­n.



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