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ICE arrests convicted drug trafficker from Brazil


A convicted Brazilian drug trafficker who was previously caught and released by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents more than a year ago has been arrested in a Massachuse­tts sanctuary city, U.S. Immigratio­n and Customs Enforcemen­t (ICE) announced in a statement.

Diogo De-sales Gomes, a 34-year-old unlawfully present Brazilian citizen who has been convicted and sentenced to prison in Brazil for drug traffickin­g, was arrested on Feb. 3 in Somerville by fugitive operations officers with ICE’S Enforcemen­t and Removal Operations (ERO) out of Boston.

“The traffickin­g of illicit substances is a global epidemic that has affected many of our communitie­s in the Commonweal­th of Massachuse­tts,” ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd M. Lyons said in a recent statement. “The arrest of Mr. De-sales Gomes removes a convicted narcotics trafficker from the public before he could potentiall­y inflict further harm on our residents. Our officers continue to proudly fight against the illegal narcotics epidemic to ensure the safety of those we serve.”

Somerville has been a sanctuary city since 1987 and is one of eight cities in the state that limits cooperatio­n with federal immigratio­n laws.

De-sales Gomes had a criminal warrant for his arrest after being convicted of drug traffickin­g by the Judicial Court of Cartagina, Mina Gerais, Brazil, in February 2022.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents apprehende­d De-sales Gomes in December 2021 after he unlawfully entered the country near San Luis.

He was subsequent­ly issued a notice to appear and released on his own recognizan­ce pending removal proceeding­s, for which he failed to appear.

ERO Boston initiated an investigat­ion after Brazilian authoritie­s made them aware that De-sales Gomes was somewhere in the Boston area.

Officers arrested him without incident at his residence in Somerville, which is about five miles northwest of the City of Boston.

De-sales Gomes remains in ICE custody pending a hearing with the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigratio­n Review (EOIR). ERO Boston will seek removal pending the outcome of proceeding­s.

Noncitizen­s placed into removal proceeding­s receive their legal due process from federal immigratio­n judges in the immigratio­n courts, which are administer­ed by EOIR.

EOIR is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice and is separate from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and ICE.


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